About Vincenzo De Palma

1417397526_Vincenzo Profile 2014The Founder and CEO of management consulting firm Axiom B.I. MC, Vincenzo De Palma possesses extensive training and professional experience in the effective administration of business operations. In his academic studies, he pursued business and economics at the College of New Caledonia and the University of Northern British Columbia. While serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Winton Global Lumber Ltd., Vincenzo De Palma earned an executive MBA from the American Management Association and completed a performance management program with Perforex. He has also attained advanced knowledge in the sale and distribution of natural resources through fulfillment of a North American Wholesale Lumber Association Trading Program at the University of Idaho.

Beyond a tenure of over 10 years at Winton Global, during which he grew overall sales by 143 percent and export sales by 250 percent, Mr. De Palma served as vice president of marketing and purchasing for the building company in Alberta, Canada. Prior to founding Axiom B.I. MC, he led Axiom Capital Inc., which comprised offices in multiple Canadian provinces and affiliate organizations in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

With the establishment of Axiom B.I. MC, Vincenzo De Palma utilizes his depth of business management experience to provide solutions for North American companies in diverse vertical markets. Over the course of his career Mr. De Palma has designed and implemented efficient distribution and financial models. He has also executed contracts that forged strategic global partnerships.


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